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Know us

AmplivoBcn is a global community of people collaborating to combat plastic pollution and actively participate in the plastic credit movement

About us


Amplivo is a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs coming together to offer solutions to one of the major environmental challenges facing humanity today: plastic waste.


Corsair is the parent company and driving force behind Amplivo's mission. Corsair Group is an ISCC-certified international plastic waste recycling company, converting everyday household plastic waste, such as plastic bags, wrappers and packaging products, into advanced bio-oil at its facilities in Thailand and Finland.

How does it work


Corsair is the developer and issuer of the world's leading plastic waste offset program, CSR Plastic Credit.


CSR is a digital, ERC-20 receipt that demonstrates that plastic waste has been removed from the environment, allowing both companies and individuals to offset any amount of plastic waste they generate monthly, simply by acquiring and withdrawing the equivalent amount of CSR Plastic Credits.

Operated on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-20 tokens, it is public, fully transparent and allows each CSR Plastic Credit user to withdraw their CSR tokens at any time. The CSR token is backed by real work, directly related to removing plastic waste from the environment.

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